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POLi Payments for Merchants

Sell more online by allowing your customers to use their own money to buy online or pay a bill.

Your customers no longer need to have a credit or debit card when shopping online at your store or paying a bill.  POLi allows them to make a payment for purchases, or pay a bill using money straight from their bank account.

More than 1.1 million adult New Zealanders do not own a credit card, and therefore are very unlikely to buy from your website or pay a bill online.  POLi is the answer!
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POLi Checkout

Accept Internet Banking payments at your checkout!

Kiwis love Internet Banking but shopping cart completion falls away once consumers leave your site.  POLi allows your customers to complete an Internet Banking payment and stay connected with your site and your eCommerce workflow. Both you and your customer receive an instant receipt to confirm payment.

POLi Link

Accept payments via POLi even without a regular checkout environment!

POLi Link is a way of receiving a payment from a customer outside of the normal website experience. A POLi Link is a personalised payment URL that can be embedded in an email, pdf or webpage. Customers can click the link and proceed to pay online, instantly!

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This allows you to accept payments via POLi at the checkout or point of purchase

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Convenient way to request payment from customers outside the traditional website checkout

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With POLi you will see increased customer satisfaction levels and the elimination of reconciliation errors associated with bank transfers

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Merchants can create a POLi Link easily from the POLi Merchant Console!

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To start offering POLi now as a payment method you simply need to contact us to sign up, and then integrate

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Links are free to generate, only pay for COMPLETED transactions

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Reduce debt by regularly reminding customers for payment

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No need for integration
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Sample of a POLi Link

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