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Pay Now with POLi Buttons, Links and Forms

SafePay is a website or portal where POLi Merchants can access additional payment services that compliment the core POLi functionality.

General Information

Pay Now with POLi Button and Link Information


What is a Pay Now with POLi button and link

Pay Now with POLi buttons and links allows merchants to generate HTML code and payment links for use on websites, emails, Facebook and other social media.  It is intended primarily for merchants that don't require a full shopping cart and whose payment needs are relatively simple. 

When a consumer clicks on a Pay Now with POLi button or link they are presented with a form (that you can customise) that collects information such as their name, email address and other details that you need to provide the goods or services and reconcile the payment. 

Example - click on the Pay Now with POLi Button below

Example - click on the Pay Now with POLi link below

Example - the payment form that the customer lands on

MMS Landing Page

After the successful completion of the payment you can elect to receive a confirmation email that includes the data collected form the form.

What is a Pay Now with POLi form

You can also generate HTML code that will display a simple payment form on your website.

Example form

Amount to pay : NZ$ 45.00

Surname or Company name :

First name :

Email address :

Enter your delivery address :

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Who can use Pay Now with POLi buttons, links and forms

Any merchant that has a POLi Merchant Account.  Click here to apply for a POLi Merchant Account

How do I access Pay Now with POLi buttons, links and forms

If you're a POLi Merchant click here to login

How much does it cost?

This functionality is provided to POLi merchants free of charge.  Normal transaction fees apply when a transaction is successfully processed.

Adding Pay Now with POLi to your Facebook page

With Pay Now, your customers can buy your great products quickly, directly and securely from your Facebook page. Here’s how.

1. On Facebook, go to your Page’s cover photo and click + Add a Button

Facebook button 1-1

2. Under the options that come next, select ‘Shop Now’. Facebook will ask you to add the URL for your website. In this field, paste the URL for your product form. It should look something like this:

Facebook button 2

Facebook button 3

3. Click create, and voilá! When your customers click on your Shop Now button, they’ll go straight to your POLi form – it’s as simple as that!

Facebook image 4


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