The POLi Payment service expands to include an additional bank – The Cooperative Bank

POLi is continuing to grow in New Zealand with The Co-operative Bank about to be added to the schedule of supported banks.

Your customers will soon be able to pay you direct from their banks’ accounts held with ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB, Westpac, and The Cooperative Bank.

Customers of The Cooperative Bank who previously elected to pay you direct from their bank accounts will now be able to pay you via the POLi Payment service.

What happens next

• We expect The Cooperative Bank to be generally available for customers on the bank selection list on the POLi Landing page in April 2020

• Prior to general availability testing of the new facility will take place. During the testing period the following may apply:

- The Cooperative Bank may appear in the Current Bank Status list in the POLi Console even though it’s not displayed to your customers in the bank selection list on the POLi Landing page; and

- The Cooperative Bank may be seen by your customers in the bank selection list on the POLi Landing page but will be marked (not currently available)

• The testing period will take up to two weeks

• After testing The Cooperative Bank will be added simultaneously to the bank selection list of all merchants

• If you or your customers experience any difficulty making or receiving payments from The Cooperative Bank please contact us via

What do you need to do

• If you display POLi bank availability information on your website, please remember to update it to include The Cooperative Bank when the service is made available.

• Update your support information, call centre etc.

• If appropriate, and when generally available, communicate the availability of the POLi service to your Cooperative Bank customers

We will keep all Merchants advised via brief notifications within their POLi Console account under “Alerts” (top right hand corner) and will append this note with more informative information on our website at

Further bank additions

We expect to shortly add additional (similar) NZ banks to the POLI service to further expand the POLi reach, to our services.

Thank you for your continued support and use of the POLi payment system. If you have any questions or issues during this process please log a POLi support request as usual at