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If you're a merchant, increase sales & customer satisfaction with POLi - the simple Internet payment option with low fees.

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POLi lets your customers pay online in real time using their Internet Banking. They don’t need a credit-card, and they don’t need to register. When they pay you with POLi, the payment is transferred directly into your bank account. Importantly, with POLi the fees are considerably lower than Credit Card transactions.

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POLi has been pre-integrated into these popular shopping carts


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Join over 700 businesses using Shopify who have reached more customers with POLi. Find out more about how to set up POLi on your Shopify checkout - we've even got a step by step video.

Don't need a shopping cart but want to sell online?

'Pay Now with POLi' with buttons and links

Easily and quickly create a 'Pay Now with POLi' option using our POLi buttons, links and forms to use on your website, emails, Facebook and other social media.  Perfect for online sellers that don't need a full shopping cart, where payment needs are relatively simple.

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Need a custom integration?

For merchants who require the full range of API services we offer REST based integration with the POLi API.

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Get POLi & Credit Card payments from Paystation


    POLi is available on the Paystation Linked Gateway platform. Existing Paystation customers can add POLi payments to their Linked Gateway account, or new merchants looking for credit card gateway services that also require POLi payments can access both from a single source.

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    Add POLi to your Xero invoices


    The easier you make it for your customers to pay their bills the more likely you are to be paid faster. Getting paid faster reduces the working capital needed to run your business.

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    Partner solutions


    POLi integrates with a number of other software providers. 

    The Warehouse

    The introduction of POLi as a payment method on and has provided our customers the convenience of paying directly from their bank account without using a credit card. We’re very pleased with the contribution that POLi is making to the success of our online channel

    Michelle Anderson – Chief Digital Officer


    That’s the beauty of having POLi. It automatically pre-populates both the correct amount and the other payment details into the internet banking screen without customers having to type in anything.

    Jetstar’s Online Payments Chief

    Shine On

    The beauty of POLi is that it is a smooth and seamless process. I just pay the bill at the end of the month and it basically takes care of itself.

    Cliff Hopkins

    The Whiskey Shop

    We’ve been using POLi Pay for a while now and are very happy to have added it as an option. It’s saved us money and given our customers another payment option which they’ve really appreciated.

    Dale Henderson

    Pb Tech

    POLi fully automated the release process of processing orders. We automatically release as paid before we see the money in our account and ship the same day. POLi is consistent and reliable, therefore we place our utmost confidence in it.

    Darren Smith

    InterCity Group

    We’ve offered POLi as an option on our checkout since 2010. Our online customers have really taken to it and we appreciate the extra business we generate from this low cost channel

    Daniel Rode, GM Marketing and Online Sales
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