How can I accept AUD payments?

The POLi system facilitates an Internet Banking Bill Payment transaction on behalf of a Customer in order to transfer funds from the Customer’s bank account to the Merchant’s bank account.   POLi is a domestic payment system which means the payer and payee bank accounts must be in the same jurisdiction – i.e. both in New Zealand or both in Australia.  POLi therefore is not a cross border system.

Merco can provide merchants with an Australian POLi account, but the following will need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Australian customers can only pay you in AUD. This means you’ll need to present prices to Australian customers in AUD.  If you have a separate website for your Australian customers (e.g. a site) this won’t necessarily be an issue.
  2. POLi is a domestic payment system – i.e. not cross border, so your AU currency payments need to be settled into an Australian bank account which is held in the name of your business.
  3. It’s the merchant’s responsibility to repatriate those funds to their NZ bank account if that’s so desired

There are a number of FX providers who offer “E-Commerce” accounts.  These provide an Australian bank account in your name, or the name of your business.  Funds are regularly swept from the Australian account and repatriated to your New Zealand bank account.  Merco has no formal affiliation with these providers with respect to this service (although some use POLi as a payment method to allow their customers to fund their accounts).  Any additional costs associated with these e-Commerce accounts is borne by the merchant and is separate to the POLi fee.  Merco is  aware of E-Commerce account functionality from OFX and Transferwise.

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