Particulars, Code and Reference for Shopify transactions

In order to set the Particulars, Code and Reference for your Shopify transactions you will need to follow the steps below.


1) Log into the Merco Merchant Services Portal. (

2) Click “Third Party Connectors” In the navigation bar

3) Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu for “Particulars” and “Code”. The available options include:

  • Shopify Order Number – Your order number set in Shopify.
  • POLi ID – A unique number that identifies the transaction in the POLi system.
  • Payer Name – The name of the person that is paying
  • Text “Shopify” – An identifier that the transaction is originating from Shopify

You may also fill in the free text reference field but note, the field has a maximum of 12 characters.

4) Click “Save changes”


Congratulations, your updated Shopify settings will be used on new transactions.

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