POLi Nudge Failed to Deliver

The POLi nudge ensures that the merchant receives a real-time notification that a transaction has reached a terminal state. Successful delivery of the Nudge is mandatory for all POLi transactions and will be checked by our support team during the QA test.
You can check for Nudge delivery failures by running a transaction report and drilling down into the transaction by clicking the POLi ID and the logs tab.
The Nudge can fail to deliver for the following reasons:
  • Firewalls/security protections
  • Password protected website
  • Notification url is not being publicly accessible
  • Cipher suite is not supported by POLi Nudge servers
Recommended solutions include:
  • Whitelisting the POLi Nudge server IP addresses to allow communication through your security protections (More information here)
  • POLi requires TLS 1.2 to be enabled and the following recommended cipher suites are supported:
    To test your current supported cipher suites visit https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html

For more information on the Nudge, visit the wiki at https://www.polipayments.com/Nudge


For more help, submit a ticket or email us at support@polipay.co.nz

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