Shopify – Integrate POLi Payments

1) Open and enter your username and password credentials.

2) Click on ‘Third Party Connectors’.

3) Copy your POLi Paynow id and Passkey

4) Log into your Shopify Dashboard and select ‘Settings’.

5) Select the ‘Payments’ module.

6) Locate the ‘Alternative payment methods’ section and click ‘Choose alternative payment’.

7) Search ‘POLi’ and select the ‘POLi Internet Banking’ option.

8) Paste in your POLi Paynow id and Passkey and click ‘Activate POLi Internet Banking’

Congratulations you have set up POLi for your Shopify store.

If you need some extra help, please follow the video guide provided below:

If you require further assistance please email

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