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How Does POLi Work?
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Merco Ltd. acquires POLi from Australia Post

You may have heard that Australia Post is closing POLi in Australia. In response to this news, Merco Ltd. (Master Distributor of POLi in NZ) is acquiring local ownership of the system to continue operations here in New Zealand. We will be retaining POLi's experienced development team ensuring there is no disruption to service.

This is a very exciting time for us as we can now dedicate 100% of POLi's resources to New Zealanders. We're also set to introduce new services to the country in the near future, making it excellent timing for the 1.6 million Kiwis who have used POLi recently.

Australia Post will shut down POLi in Australia on 30 September, 2023, at which point Merco will take control of the service. The service will continue uninterrupted and these changes will not affect POLi merchants or customers in New Zealand.

Customers want choice online - let’s give it to them

Not every Kiwi wants to pay online using a credit or debit card, or accrue debt with a Buy Now/Pay Later service. As many as a third also enjoy direct online payment options1, which is where POLi comes in.

  • Payments they can trust: POLi lets your customers pay quickly and easily using their online banking account.
  • Get started quickly: Sign up today and we can have you up and running in as little as 24 hours.
  • Super low rates: We have some of the lowest transaction fees in New Zealand!
  • Free support: If you need help, we offer free video consultations with our payment experts.

1Yabble Payments NZ Consumer Study 2020

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How to implement POLi

Sign up to POLi

You'll need your basic business details, a bank proof document and a logo if you have one.

We'll set to work

Your application will be processed and bank information checked as per anti-money laundering regulations. Once our checks are complete, we will email you your account details.

Add POLi as a payment option

POLi can be added to your shopping cart, integrated via our API, create payment forms/links and add Pay Now buttons to your Xero invoices.

Integration Complete

Customers can now pay you directly and securely using their Internet Banking account.

A new way for customers to pay

POLi Mobile offers a smart and convenient way to complete payments online. With just a simple scan of the QR code displayed during a transaction and a tap, the payment is instantly completed. It’s that easy!

No additional development is required, as POLi Mobile is already integrated as a quick and seamless alternative on our platform. Customers have the flexibility to choose between POLi Mobile and Classic POLi for their payments.

Simple and intuitive mobile payments

Customers can pay using their mobile in seconds and on-boarding is seamless.

Connect POLi Mobile to their bankCustomers only need to connect once.
Scan the QR code during a transactionThe QR code can be scanned directly within the POLi app.
Tap "Pay"Once paid, the customer is redirected to completed checkout.

Add POLi to your shopping cart in a click

If you already have a website with a shopping cart, it's a breeze to add POLi. POLi has been pre-integrated into these popular shopping carts.
WooCommerceImagePrestaShopOpenCartGravity Formscs cart

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We take security seriously

When your customers pay with POLi the transaction is protected by their bank’s own security. Confidential information is not disclosed to any third party, including POLi.

Username & Passwords

POLi does not capture usernames or passwords

Independent security reviews

POLi's software is regularly reviewed by independent security companies.

SSL assurance

POLi checks the bank website's SSL certificate and thumbprints to always ensure you are talking directly to your bank


POLi works with NZ’s most trusted banks, including ANZ, BNZ, ASB, Kiwibank, TSB, The Cooperative Bank and Westpac.

POLi works seamlessly with all major New Zealand banks

ANZASBBNZCo-Operative BankKiwibankHeartlandTSBWestpac

What our customers think of POLi

Pb Tech

POLi fully automated the release process of processing orders. We automatically release as paid before we see the money in our account and ship the same day. POLi is consistent and reliable, therefore we place our utmost confidence in it.

Darren Smith

Shine On

The beauty of POLi is that it is a smooth and seamless process. I just pay the bill at the end of the month and it basically takes care of itself.

Cliff Hopkins

The Whiskey Shop

We’ve been using POLi Pay for a while now and are very happy to have added it as an option. It’s saved us money and given our customers another payment option which they’ve really appreciated.

Dale Henderson

InterCity Group

We’ve offered POLi as an option on our checkout since 2010. Our online customers have really taken to it and we appreciate the extra business we generate from this low cost channel

Daniel Rode, GM Marketing and Online Sales


That’s the beauty of having POLi. It automatically pre-populates both the correct amount and the other payment details into the internet banking screen without customers having to type in anything.

Jetstar’s Online Payments Chief
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