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Benefits of adding POLi to your Shopify store

Now you can offer POLi as a quick and secure alternative payment option in your Shopify store. Sell more online and benefit from our low transaction fees and easy set up.

Get more payments from customers who prefer to use their own money or don’t have a credit card

Pay less per transaction versus other payment options

Remove the pain of matching direct bank transfers with online banking payments

POLi is very easy to set up and install in your Shopify store – it’s a 2 minute job.

Follow these steps to setup POLi on your store


Sell more online

POLi is a secure, effective, and user-friendly way for your customers to pay for purchases online without using a credit card. Many major companies, small businesses and untold consumers trust it every day to complete thousands of payments.

Despite there being massive growth in online shopping in New Zealand, up to a third of adult New Zealanders don’t own (or want to use) a credit card. Even being conservative, this amounts to a decent slice of the 4.6 million residents in the country. So, by offering POLi, Shopify merchants can tap into a potential gold mine of additional sales.

Get more sales but pay less

Shopify offers credit card payment solutions via an impressive array of payment gateways. However, payment gateways come with significant fees and can be difficult and/or time consuming to set up.

POLi is really simple.
You’re not dealing with credit card schemes banks and gateways, so the fees are low and you only pay for completed transactions. Also, POLi doesn’t charge retailers set-up or service fees.


That’s the beauty of having POLi. It automatically pre-populates both the correct amount and the other payment details into the internet banking screen without customers having to type in anything.

Jetstar’s Online Payments Chief

The Warehouse

The introduction of POLi as a payment method on and has provided our customers the convenience of paying directly from their bank account without using a credit card. We’re very pleased with the contribution that POLi is making to the success of our online channel

Michelle Anderson – Chief Digital Officer

InterCity Group

We’ve offered POLi as an option on our checkout since 2010. Our online customers have really taken to it and we appreciate the extra business we generate from this low cost channel

Daniel Rode, GM Marketing and Online Sales
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