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Why you should add POLi to your Shopify Store

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POLi is a major eCommerce payment solution used by more than [wbcr_text_snippet id="2407"] Shopify Businesses throughout New Zealand.

  • Trusted by consumers: Used by over [wbcr_text_snippet id="2411"] Kiwis
  • Low cost: Transaction rate of 1% capped at $3.00 per transaction
  • Reach more customers: Let them choose how they pay - 40% of POLi users have a credit card but choose to use POLi
  • Easy to set up: Just create a POLi account and then set up payments in 2 minutes
  • Access funds immediately: funds paid to your bank account during the same business day (bank holidays excepted when funds are paid on the next business day) 
  • Reconcile easily: You control the information that appears on your bank statement

Compare our Fees

With no setup fees and extremely low transaction fees, you could save at up to 50% compared to using Shopify standard credit card pricing.

All POLi fees have a maximum of $3.00 +GST regardless of the transaction value.

Shopify CC Rate 1 POLi + Additonal Fee 2 POLi Saving
$20 $0.80 $0.20 $0.20 50%
$50 $1.55 $0.50 $0.50 35%
$100 $2.80 $1.00 $1.00 29%
$300 $7.80 $3.00 $3.00 23%
$1,000 $25.30 $3.00 $10.00 49%

1 Pricing based on standard pricing of 2.5% + $0.30 NZD
2 Fee based on 1%. Fee imposed on all payment providers other than Shopify Payments but can vary depending on your Shopify plan.

How Does POLi Work?

POLi lets your customers pay online in real time using their Internet Banking. They don’t need a credit-card, and they don’t need to register. 

When they pay you with POLi, the payment is transferred directly into your bank account.

1. Checkout of shopping cart

Select the POLi payment option when you checkout

2. Pay with internet banking

Log into your bank account using POLi. The payment is protected by your bank's authentication and security

3. Complete Order

POLi automates the payment process and notifies the seller that the payment has been made

4 Steps to get POLi in your Shopify Store

Once you’ve got a POLi merchant account, setting up POLi in your Shopify store takes minutes.

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