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No more queues at the front desk, no more reliance on cash. POLi makes it easy for parents to pay their fees online, while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your back office.

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How POLi is helping Kiwi schools

To keep your school’s cash flow running smoothly, it must be as easy as possible for parents and other parties to make payments - without adding complexity for admin staff. This is where POLi comes in.

POLi has been designed with simplicity in mind. For parents, paying school fees and donating money to fundraisers is as simple as pressing a ‘Pay Now’ button on your website or in an email. They just have to log in to their online banking account through POLi and the transfer is made quickly.

For your back office, this greatly streamlines operations and helps guarantee accuracy. You control what reference information goes on your bank statement, and POLi automatically inputs these details at both ends of the transaction. Your books should always reflect your bank account, meaning there’s far less opportunity for human error.

Make getting paid simple

Implement POLi on your website and invoices, or create handy payment forms in seconds.

Easy to set up

POLi is easy to implement, and we can help each step of the way.

Low fees

Save up to 90% on fees with POLi compared to other payment options.*

Fully automated

Make bookkeeping a breeze with automatic reference information.

* Pricing based on standard 2.9% + $0.30 NZD
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Integrate POLi with the tools you love

Edge Learning

Integrate POLi quickly into your Edge Learning membership system to keep everything in one place.

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Quickly implement POLi as a part of your Kindo school payments solution.

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Add POLi payment buttons to Xero invoices to help your clients and customers make fast payments straight from the invoice.

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Why are online payment options important?

Kiwis are online, they want choice and they want speed. Financial services businesses that are able to send and receive payments in near real-time, using the platforms customers already know and love, will be well prepared to delight customers in this increasingly digital world.

Some customers don’t own credit cards and need alternatives, and even POLi should only ever be just one payment option. If you can offer choice, customers will find the payment option they prefer.

  • 49% of Gen Z’ers have never owned a credit card.1
  • About half of Kiwis wish sending online payments was quicker.2
  • One third of NZ respondents already use direct online payment options like POLi.2
  • POLi is already trusted by major brands like Air New Zealand and NZTA.

1Laybuy, 2019

2Yabble Payments NZ Consumer Study 2020

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