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POLi is a quick, easy-to-use, low-fees online payment option, helping to improve back office efficiencies for your business at the same time.

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How POLi is helping Kiwi online retail businesses

It’s never been more important to have an online presence as a Kiwi retailer. Competition is growing intensely fierce, with many Kiwis no longer as interested in visiting brick and mortar stores as they once were. Now is the era of online shopping, which means you must be prepared to accept online payments.

POLi is a quick, convenient direct online payment option to offer on its own or alongside other payment types, such as credit/debit cards. To pay with POLi, all your customers have to do is log in to their regular online banking account through the secure POLi interface, hit the accept button and money is transferred quickly from their account to yours. You get to control the reference information that you see on your bank statement, helping ensure your bank balance and books perfectly match.

As a merchant it’s easy to sign up and get started, and our low fees will keep your bottom line happy too

Get paid, fast

Don’t wait around for cash flow. POLi payments transfer from account to account fast!

Low fees

Save up to 90% on fees with POLi compared to other payment options.*

Easy to use

POLi is easy for customers to use - they just log in, select an account and hit accept.

Fully automated

Make bookkeeping a breeze with automatic reference information.

* Pricing based on standard 2.9% + $0.30 NZD
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Integrate POLi with the tools you love

To help make your life even easier, we’ve designed POLi to be integrated with a wide variety of leading shopping carts and other partner solutions.
No web development experience required!


POLi integrates directly into Paystation to allow you to offer POLi alongside credit card gateways.

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Seamless integration with Shopify to add POLi as a payment option on your checkout.

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Add POLi payment buttons to Xero invoices to help your clients and customers make fast payments straight from the invoice.

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Why are online payment options important?

Kiwis are online, and there’s no going back. Total online spending is now in the billions, having grown significantly in just a few short years ($4.67 billion to $7.67 billion in 2019-21 alone1).

But not every Kiwi owns a credit card, or can be bothered to go find their debit card when they’re at the online checkout. To truly serve the modern Kiwi shopper, you must offer choice - that way people can pick the payment option that best suits their needs.

1NZ Post

  • 49% of Gen Z’ers have never owned a credit card.2
  • About half of Kiwis wish sending online payments was quicker.3
  • One third of NZ respondents already use direct online payment options like POLi.3
  • POLi is already trusted by major brands like Air New Zealand and NZTA.

3Payments NZ

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