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The following Frequently Asked Questions provide valuable information about the POLi payments service. If the information you're looking for is not covered here please contact us.

POLi allows you to make a payment for goods at your favourite online retailer, pay for travel, or to pay a bill using money straight from your bank account. POLi is safe and secure and lets you use your Internet Banking to make the payment.

POLi has been operating in New Zealand since 2007. Land Transport New Zealand (now the New Zealand Transport Agency) was the very first merchant to offer POLi payments to their customers, and since then many other government agencies, airlines, online retailers and billers have joined in to offer their customers a more convenient and safe way to pay.

Checkout POLi payments at Air New Zealand, The Warehouse, PB Technologies, Intercity, Nakedbus, Interislander, Postie, Jetstar, Top 10 Holiday Parks, and Helloworld. POLi is also available at a wide range of online shopping sites and you can even use POLi to buy gaming credits on Facebook.

POLi is a great alternative for people without credit cards, or for those who have them but would prefer not to use them to shop online or pay a bill online.

POLi is favoured by customers and merchants as it guides the customer through the payment process. The amount, reference information and banking details are pre-populated ensuring there are no reconciliation errors. When the payment is confirmed the merchant and customer both receive a completed payment notification ensuring you can receive your goods or services quicker.

Anyone who has access to the “One-off Payment” functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use POLi.

Note that your bank may refer to the One-off Payment functionality by a different name. E.g. Pay Anyone, 3rd party transaction etc. It’s the functionality that allows you to make a single payment from your bank account to another.

POLi is supported on the following platforms:
Web Browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer version 8 and above
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox 12 or above
  • Apple Safari 5 or above
  • Operating Systems:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 (or 8.1)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003 & Windows Server 2008
  • MAC OS
  • iOS
  • Android

Note – POLi may work on other Web Browsers/Operating Systems although they are not supported

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Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose to pay with Internet Banking wherever you see the POLi payment option
  2. Select your bank and click proceed with payment
  3. Login to your bank
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the Pay Anyone transaction (may include selecting account or entering second factor information)
  5. Complete the payment and receive your receipt

There is no cost imposed by POLi on customers for the use of the POLi service. Your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.

No. This is one of the great features of POLi payments: no registration, and no additional passwords to remember!

Merchants who intend to use POLi to receive POLi payments will need to register.

Yes, POLi places a lot of importance on the security of its software. We never capture sensitive information such as your login name or password. For further information, visit

The POLi payments service is brought to you by POLi Payments Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia Post and a provider of innovative web-based transaction services and software. POLi is distributed in New Zealand by Merco Limited.

POLi Payments Pty Ltd is not a bank, and does not necessarily have relationships with banks accessible via POLi.

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ANZ Banking Group – Service Disruption

Some ANZ Customers are currently experiencing errors when making payments using the POLi Payment system.  We are working with ANZ to restore the POLi service to all ANZ customers as soon as possible.

The POLi Dev Support Team advise that the ANZ NZ issue is currently in their support queue and is scheduled for further attention next week, their resources have currently been focused on a significant local service disruption issue in Australia. This is an exceptional situation that we have not previously encountered and we can assure you that every effort is being made to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

We are advised that approx 10% of ANZ POLi users (depending on their IB configuration) are receiving a Payment “Not Available” message, ANZ are assisting us as they upgrade their Internet Banking and we expect to be testing a new (ANZ) compatible POLi interface early next week.

UPDATE 18.11.2020. We are starting the live testing of the new POli ANZ Vector in the next couple of days and hope to have completed this by later this week (20.11.2020). We will keep you advised re progress.

It is important to note that this problem only impacts a low number of ANZ POLi users, most ANZ customers using the POLi Service are not experiencing any issues and can continue to use the POLi payments service as usual.

This problem only affects the ANZ Bank with all other New Zealand Bank customers using the POLi payments service without interruption.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to ANZ customers, by this event.

The POLi Support Team (Aus & NZ)


We are advised that some ‘first time’ POLi payment users using ANZ Internet Banking may not receive their 4 digit online code via SMS.

If you encounter this issue update your Internet Banking “Online Code Preference Settings” to resolve the issue.

  1. Log in to ANZ Internet Banking and select “Your Settings”
  2. Select “Change Online Code preferences”.
  3. Enter a tick in the “Create a payment to people or companies (recommended)”
  4. Save the updated preference setting by clicking on “Change Preferences”

When you complete this procedure you should receive confirmation that you have made this change to your settings and you will now be able to complete your POLi payments as required

POLi is continuing to grow in New Zealand with The Co-operative Bank about to be added to the schedule of supported banks.

Your customers will soon be able to pay you direct from their banks’ accounts held with ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB, Westpac, and The Cooperative Bank.

Customers of The Cooperative Bank who previously elected to pay you direct from their bank accounts will now be able to pay you via the POLi Payment service.

Please click here for more information

Qantas New Zealand customers requiring support should click here.  Please include any reference information provided to you by Qantas.

Jetstar New Zealand customers requiring support should follow the links below:

Merchant QA Self Check

Please log into your POLi console and click the green button to start the go-live process and complete the 4 test transactions using iBank (our fictitious bank) below to start the QA process. So your account can be switched live as soon as possible.

1. Cancelled payment (iBank Credentials Case Sensitive - Username and Password --> DemoShopper) – please proceed up to the final page, the confirmation screen, and press cancel and return to your website.

2. Receipt Unverified payment – (iBank Credentials Case Sensitive - Username and Password --> Shopper10) please proceed to the payment and it’ll fail on confirm, please click return to your site button at the bottom.

3. Failed payment - (iBank Credentials Case Sensitive - Username and Password --> DemoShopper) – please proceed up to the account selection page, click on the bank account and choose FAIL transaction account.

4. Completed payment – (iBank Credentials Case Sensitive - Username and Password --> DemoShopper) – please proceed through the payment process and successfully return to your websites receipt page.

Once you are ready and have completed the QA test transactions, please notify us at in order to be set live.

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That’s the beauty of having POLi. It automatically pre-populates both the correct amount and the other payment details into the internet banking screen without customers having to type in anything.

Jetstar’s Online Payments Chief

InterCity Group

We’ve offered POLi as an option on our checkout since 2010. Our online customers have really taken to it and we appreciate the extra business we generate from this low cost channel

Daniel Rode, GM Marketing and Online Sales

The Warehouse

The introduction of POLi as a payment method on and has provided our customers the convenience of paying directly from their bank account without using a credit card. We’re very pleased with the contribution that POLi is making to the success of our online channel

Michelle Anderson – Chief Digital Officer
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