How can I offer POLi on my platform?

If your business involves other businesses taking payments on your platform then becoming a solution provider is a great option. Becoming a solution provider means that you will control the technical integration of POLi while your users sign up for a POLi account, configure their POLi details into your system and are ready to take payments.

Once you are ready to build the integration, will provide you with a testing account and details to our API. As you reach the final stages of your integration and testing and are ready to move forward, we will ask you to complete a final QA test to ensure everything is working as it should.

Once you have completed your integration, testing and QA, the following will happen:

  • We will work with you to create configuration instructions for your platform.
  • Your company will be featured on our Partner Solutions page.
  • Your company will be added onto our sign-up page for users to select to integrate with.
  • You will receive a custom POLi sign-up link for your users to use, this link will skip the step where an integration solution is selected.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a solution provider.