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With POLi, your competition entrants and attendees can pay for fees and tickets using their regular online banking account - our low fees and easy set-up will keep you happy too.

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How POLi is helping Kiwi equestrian events

Cash is old news. For your next equestrian event, join the modern age and set up your website so that entrants and attendees alike can pay online without hassle.

POLi lets people send you using their regular online bank account. At the point of sale, whether they’re paying their competition entrance fee, booking a ticket or even offering a donation for a local cause, all they have to do is hit the Pay Now button, log into their account and click accept … that’s it! Money is transferred securely from their account directly to yours.

All reference information is added automatically, keeping your books clean and accurate without manual intervention. Plus, POLi comes pre-integrated into a variety of equestrian, events and hospitality systems, making it extremely easy to add to your website. Even without these, you can get set up with POLi in as little as 24 hours with very little technical know-how.

Easy to use

POLi is easy for customers to use - they just log in, select an account and hit accept.

Low fees

Save up to 90% on fees with POLi compared to other payment options.*

Fully automated

Automatic reference information keeps your books clean and accurate.

Ready to go

Sign up today and we can have you up and running in as little as 24 hours.

* Pricing based on standard 2.9% + $0.30 NZD
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Integrate POLi with the tools you love

To help make your life even easier, we’ve designed POLi to be integrated with a wide variety of leading shopping carts and other partner solutions.
No web development experience required!


Add POLi as a payment option to your regular EvoEvents booking page.

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Main-Events Logo

Customers using Main-Events to manage their competition already have access to POLi.

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Showday Online

Make running a rural show easy by using Showday Online and POLi together.

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Why are online payment options important?

The reality is, most Kiwis don’t carry much cash anymore - in fact, only 6% still rely on it.1 For everyone else, paying for things digitally is increasingly the norm, in particular paying for things online.

People have grown used to booking events, paying entry fees and purchasing tickets via the web. This makes it all the more important for even very small showdays and other equestrian competitions to offer their attendees and competitors alike a choice of payment options. Options like POLi allow event hosts to let people pay online more ways than just a credit card - which they might not even have.

1Reserve Bank of NZ

  • 49% of Gen Z’ers have never owned a credit card.2
  • About half of Kiwis wish sending online payments was quicker.3
  • One third of NZ respondents already use direct online payment options like POLi.3
  • POLi is already trusted by many equestrian events around New Zealand!

3Payments NZ

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Fast, secure online payments with a streamlined back end and low fees? Time to get started.

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