Create payment links and forms in minutes

Create payment options for customers in minutes with no website development, shopping cart or merchant bank account required.

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Create a link or a button with a form

  1. Login to 
  2. Create a link/button and the payment form (it takes minutes).
  3. Embed the link/button on your website or social media, or send direct to your customer via email or txt 
  4. When a consumer clicks on the button, they will be taken to the form that they can complete to make the purchase.
  5. The payment is transferred directly into your bank account.

Example of a payment form:


Example of a payment button:


Create a link without a form

  1. Login to 
  2. Create a link (it takes minutes).
  3. Send the link to your customer via email or txt or embed in your invoice.
  4. When your customer clicks on the link, they are taken through the POLi payment process with the dollar value and payment references provided
  5. The payment is transferred directly into your bank account.

Example of payment process

Bank Selection:


Account Selection:


Accept Card payments using Stripe

Connect your Stripe account up to our Merco Merchant Services dashboard and enable card payments using Stripe.

This provides your customers with a choice of payments when they wish to complete a payment.

There is an additional fee when accepting Stripe payments using any of our solutions offered within the Merco Merchant Services dashboard of:

$0.25 + 0.2% plus Stripe transaction fees*

*Stripe transaction fees are charged separately by Stripe

All pricing above is exclusive of GST.


Compare Our Fees

With no setup fees and extremely low transaction fees, you could save at least 50% compared to using a credit card and payment gateway.

All fees are capped at a maximum of $3.00 regardless of the transaction value.

Transaction Amount Credit Card + Gateway POLi POLi Saving
$20 $0.49 $0.20 59%
$50 $1.00 $0.50 50%
$100 $1.85 $1.00 46%
$300 $5.25 $3.00 43%
$1,000 $17.15 $3.00 83%

How Does POLi Work?

1. Checkout of shopping cart

Select the POLi payment option when you checkout

2. Pay with internet banking

Log into your bank account using POLi. The payment is protected by your bank's authentication and security

3. Complete Order

POLi automates the payment process and notifies the seller that the payment has been made

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