Completing the QA test requirements

Before you request a QA test from our support team, you will need to complete 4 test transactions.
A Completed Transaction, Cancelled Transaction, Receipt unverified and Failed Transaction.

Test credentials for Completed, Failed and Cancelled payments:
Username: DemoShopper
Password: DemoShopper

Test Credentials for Receipt Unverified:
Username: Shopper10
Password: Shopper10

To Start this process, add an item to your cart and select the POLi Payment option at checkout.


Place the order and you should be redirected to the POLi transaction screen.

Select “iBank NZ” in the Bank List then Continue.

Cancelled Payment:

Login using the DemoShopper credentials

Select the “Savings” Account and continue

Select “Cancel” at the bottom of the payment page

Click “Submit” and make your way back to your cart for the next test.

Failed Transaction

Proceed to place another order and login to iBank using the DemoShopper credentials

Select “Fail Transaction” Account from the list and press “Continue”

You will receive a message saying “An error has occurred, this payment cannot continue.”
Return back to your website cart page using the button at the bottom of the page.

Receipt Unverified

Log into the iBank Account using the credentials:
Username: Shopper10
Password: Shopper10

Select “Savings” account and press “Continue”

Select “Confirm”

An error message should display “An error has occurred, this payment cannot continue.”

Return to your cart using the button below

Completed Payment

Login to the iBank using the DemoShopper credentials

Select “Savings” bank account and press “Continue”

Press “Confirm” to place the order successfully. You will automatically be redirected back to a successful cart


Lastly, check for the successful delivery of the nudge on all 4 transactions.

You can check the nudge delivery by running a transaction report and drilling down into the transaction by clicking the POLi ID and the logs tab.

If your nudge has the status “Unable to deliver nudge to the merchant” please refer to our POLi Nudge Failed to Deliver article.


Once everything has been completed, you are now ready to email informing them that you have completed the 4 QA requirements. You should be set to live very soon.

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