Reconciliation options for Shopify transactions

New Zealand bank accounts have 3 fields which can be used for reconciliation purposes. The Particulars, Code and Reference. Each of these fields are limited to 12 characters.

Fields to selectDescription
POLi ID12 digit identification number for a POLi transaction
Shopify Payment IDFirst 12 digits of the Shopify payment ID
Payer NameFirst and Last name of the payer
Free TextEnables a field where you can input anything you like. e.g. “Shopify”

To set your reconciliation options within Shopify:

  1. Navigate to your POLi payment app
    Settings > Payments > Supported payment methods
  2. Click ‘Manage‘ on the POLi payment app.
    You will be taken to your configuration screen.
  3. Select your appropriate fields to populate the Particulars, Code and Reference fields.

Congratulations, your updated Shopify settings will be used on new transactions.