POLi Plugin – Install on Magento 2.0x

To install the POLi plugin into your website, please follow the instructions below:

1) Log into your Magento admin

2) FTP the POLi plugin zip file to your Magento app > code folder.

If you do not have a ‘code’ folder, this can be created in your file manager

3) Once the file transfer is completed. Log into SSH and run the following command ‘php bin/magento setup:upgrade’

 We also recommend flushing your Magento cache before logging out/back into Magento admin

4) Click on “Stores” and “Configuration” and scroll down the page to “Sales” and select “Payment Methods”

5) In the list of payment methods find “POLi Payment Gateway” and add your Merchant Code and Authentication Code and select your chosen countries where POLi Payment is available such as ‘New Zealand’

6) Scroll up the page and click “Save Config” on the top right hand corner.

POLi will now be available on the checkout ready for testing. In order to be set live, please follow our QA guide.

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