Bank and End User Common Errors Table


Error Code Error Name Description
4001 Unknown error (related to bank or merchant) POLi is unable to continue due to a technical problem with the bank or the merchants POLi account. You may like to retry, if the error persists please contact the merchant you are paying
4005 Unexpected bank page POLi has encountered an unexpected bank page. This may be due to a new or changed bank page. Our support team has been advised of the error and will address this error as soon as possible
4040 Blacklisted Payer account The payers bank account is blacklisted in the POLi system
4051 Payer Internet Banking locked Your Internet banking service is locked. Please contact your bank for further details
4052 Third-party payments not supported from payers bank account Your bank account may need to have pay anyone functionality or a security measure enabled. Please contact your bank for further details
4054 Multiple sessions detected Multiple Internet banking sessions detected. Please log out of your Internet banking sessions, cancel this payment and retry your payment
4055 No valid accounts None of your accounts are supported by the POLi service. Typically, you need a personal bank account that can make pay anyone payments to use the service. Please contact your bank for further assistance
4056 Bank unavailable The selected bank is currently unavailable; Please try again later
4057 Multiple signatories are not supported. POLi is unable to support accounts that require separate authorization by multiple signatories; Please retry your POLi payment using a different account or personal Internet banking profile
4058 Bank account daily transaction limit has been exceeded This transaction will exceed the daily payment limit on your bank account. Please contact your bank to increase your limit
4059 Bank Session Error Your bank session has ended due to a bank error or session timeout. Please retry your payment
4060 Bank account second factor security locked/suspended Second Factor Authentication has been entered incorrectly, is unavailable or has been suspended. Please contact your bank for further assistance
4061 Bank second factor security issue Second Factor Authentication may need to be setup on your bank account or is currently unavailable. Please contact your bank for further assistance
6010 Users browser/system unsupported The payers browser/system is most likely old and incompatible. The user would need to retry the payment on an alternate device