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Promoting POLi to your customers

The upshot of offering POLi is that your bottom-line can increase. You’ll save money on fees, capture more buyers (those without debit/credit cards), and you can reconcile your accounts faster.
On the other side of the coin, your customers will love you for it. But they won’t use it if they don’t know anything about it.
POLi is still quite new to people – so highlighting how POLi can work for them and how to use it is key.

Here are some tips on how to talk about POLi on your website and other marketing channels.

Updating your website

No doubt your primary channel for any engagement will be your website.


payment screen

If you’re adding POLi as a way to pay at checkout, we have a Style Guide (PDF) your designers/web developers will need to stick to, so the POLi brand is displayed correctly.

A "learn more" link is key!

In this guide, we also emphasise how important it is to have a “learn more” link (as text or a button), so customers can find out what POLi is, how it will benefit them, and how it works.

learn more

We recommend linking straight to our website: - or if you’d prefer to have this information on your site that’s fine too.  Have a look at “What to say” below.

Your main website

Instead of just having POLi as an option when people get to “payment stage” – why not make a song and dance about it on your product pages, or even on your homepage?

What to say

It’s not just important to promote the fact that you provide POLi, but you should highlight the benefits to the customer and how to use it.
Here are some tips.
  • Like all online copy, when you mention POLi keep your information helpful but to the point. Break up the page with simple headers, and try to avoid really technical terms.
  • We’d suggest providing a link back to our website where people can find more information, more detailed support, and this will also add to the authenticity of the service if they are new to POLi. A good start is this page:
  • Make sure to incorporate the POLi logo where possible, as the brand is becoming a good visual reference for many customers! When using the logo you will need to check our Style Guide (PDF)

Highlight the key customer benefits

We suggest that your promotions/copy lead with three essential selling points:
1. Trust and security
It’s a fact that many customers get apprehensive when it comes to new payment technologies. So there is a large education element here. It’s essential that customers know the POLi system is 100% safe and secure.
Remind your customers:
When you pay with POLi the transaction is protected by your Internet Banking security. Your confidential information is not disclosed to any third party, including us.
  • POLi does not capture usernames or passwords
  • Our software is regularly reviewed by independent security companies
  • POLi checks the bank website's SSL certificate and thumbprints to always ensure you are talking directly to your bank
  • POLi works with some of the most trusted brands online.
For more detailed information on POLi's security – direct customers to
(Remember that any external links should open in a new browser, so not to take customers away from your website).
2. You don’t need a credit card to buy online or pay a bill.
With POLi you no longer need to have a credit card when shopping online. POLi allows you to pay for your purchases straight from your bank account using your Internet Banking.
3. Pay less
Unlike a credit card, there are no fees to use POLi, saving money on credit card fees.
It’s free and customers don’t have to register.

Outline how easy it is to use POLi

Simply outline the three easy steps:
Cart Graphic 150 x 1461. Check out of shopping cart
The customer selects the POLi payment option when they check out.
Mouse Graphic 150 x 1462. Pay with Internet Banking
Log into your bank account using POLi. The payment is protected by the customer’s bank authentication and security.
Tick graphic 150 x 1463. Complete your order
POLi automates the payment process and verifies to the seller that the payment has been made.

Download our Marketing Brochure (PDF)

Use this brochure (PDF) when communicating with your customers.

Use your other marketing channels

When it comes to promoting the use of POLi, have a think about the marketing channels you have available already now, and how you can use them. Here are some suggestions.

Email marketing

Mention POLi in any promotional emails you send out, such as newsletters. Don’t just say you have it, but use this space as a vehicle to educate customers on the benefits to them.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram allow for feedback from customers, and can be a good way to directly answer any queries they may have on POLi.

Press Release

If you are writing a press release about new products or services, you could highlight ‘ways to pay’ in the information and talk up the benefits of POLi.

Search Marketing

If you invest in paid search marketing, or have someone in your team savvy enough to understand the basics of “SEO” (search engine optimisation), you could mention POLi in your ‘meta data’ descriptions on your website. This sounds rather technical if you’re not used to managing your website in detail, but this basically means altering the text that displays in search engine results like Google, when a customer searches for your product.


Many companies these days use video as a tool to educate customers. This may sound like an expensive option, but if you have staff that are up with the play when it comes to producing simple “how to” videos with graphics this could be an excellent way to get the POLi message across.
Visual demonstrations are often more helpful to viewers than just text alone, as people learn in different ways.

How others are doing it

We had a look at how some of our valued partners are telling their customers about POLi. 

the warehouseThe Warehouse has done a simple animation to show how easy it is to use.

airnzAir New Zealand does a great job at highlighting security and ease as key features of paying with Poli here, and they also have a helpful FAQ page


Checkout POLi at these sites

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