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You'll never pay more than $3.00 in total fees when your customers pay using POLi. That's at least a 40% saving on any transaction amount. Typically, with a credit card and payment gateway combination, the fees increase as the transaction amount gets higher. With POLi, all fees are capped at a maximum of $3.00 regardless of the transaction value.

Transaction $$ Credit Card + Gateway POLi POLi Saving
$20 $0.49 $0.20 59%
$50 $1.00 $0.45 50%
$100 $1.85 $1.00 46%
$300 $5.25 $3.00 43%
$1,000 $17.15 $3.00 83%

Fees from just 0.8%

The more your customers spend, the lower the fees. A $1,000 purchase on your website via a credit card and payment gateway combination could cost you $17.00. With POLi, it would cost just $3.00. In fact, you'll never pay more than $3.00 per transaction with POLi - full stop.
1 - 1,000 transactions per month 1% of the transaction value, capped at $3.00
1,001 - 5,000 transactions per month 0.9% of the transaction value, capped at $3.00
5,000+ transactions per month 0.8% of the transaction value, capped at $3.00


All prices quoted above are exclusive of GST at 15%
Minimum account activity fee: $10.00/month
No implementation or setup fees
No monthly support fee


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