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What is Storbie?

Storbie is a simple, fully-featured online shop builder that anyone in the world can use to create, run and grow their own ecommerce site or marketplace.

We are growing a global network of shops and shop clusters that are intrinsically connected yet all unique. With Storbie you can be different together.

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Increase sales in your Storbie website with POLi

Over 4,000 businesses throughout New Zealand have signed up for POLi. It is a trusted payment solution used by over 1.2 million Kiwi’s in the last two years.

How does POLi improve sales?

  • Better profit margins - pay no more than $3 +GST per transaction
  • Customers want to choose how they pay - 40% of POLi users have a credit card but choose to use POLi

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  • Be set up in Storbie within 24 hours (2 mins if you already have a POLi account)
  • Get a free video consultation to get you started
  • Receive funds straight into your bank account - no merchant bank account necessary.

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