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Feedback From Consumers

When you make a POLi payment at any merchant website you get the opportunity to provide feedback to us about your POLi experience.  You'll find a sample of some consumer feedback below:

15/09/2012 This is the first time I've used this service. Very user friendly :)
21/09/2012 seems to have worked :)
16/10/2012 Great - really pleased Westpac was added to the list of banks at last. No issues, but think it is fantastic where you don't have to have a visa etc. Big thanks.
26/10/2012 Very easy way to pay the fine! awesome intergration of sites
1/11/2012 Great option and process - it made payment very easy
8/11/2012 Great payment system to use and easy.
9/11/2012 Nice a simple, great 
10/11/2012 Best thing since sliced bread 
16/11/2012 Awesomely smooth with the new ANZ internet banking. Thanks for the pre-filled out fields!
18/11/2012 Very quick and easy to use. Thanks heaps!
18/11/2012 I could not fill out reference details when paying. A red 'don't enter' sign came up, but it accepted the payment??
19/11/2012 Wow, that was amazing!!
19/11/2012 It is a convenient way of paying when you dont want to use a credit card,however it was very slow and took forever to complete. My internet connection is normally a lot faster than this.
19/11/2012 This is the second time I've tried using POLI. At the bank site, which makes me nervous, I can't see what I'm typing or if anything is being entered in the box then pressing the Continue box does nothing.
20/11/2012 I use poli all the time. Its revolutionary. Please feel free to contact me to use that as a reference :) at no cost haha
20/11/2012 thanks makes life so much easier
20/11/2012 System was a bit slow/lagging when I logged in. I had to click ‘log in’ about 4 times before it let me in. My connection is very good so was a bit strange. Great that it worked eventually though!
21/11/2012 this is a fantastic feature. intercity booking website is so much more easier and conveniant to use.
21/11/2012 superb interface one suggestion might be to add some sort of advisory note that no bank details are, or can be, stored with when i saw my west pac page open up and ask for my ID and account numbers i was a little apprehensive of course it all worked ok...but some assurance is needed...
21/11/2012 Amazing. Fast and accurate.
21/11/2012 You guys rock. This is the best software ever written.
21/11/2012 What a great idea appreciate very much having this option as I only have a debit card and its not always loaded upand besides that I am trying to fly as cheaply as possible so this avoids the extra $20 I would 've paid using a card - THANKS SO MUCH
22/11/2012 I  was pleasantly surprised how easy this process was. Thanks!!
23/11/2012 May need to warn users more "loudly" to switch off their Norton's Antivirus for the transaction as Norton's overwrites the client's bank account number when using Poli Online.
23/11/2012 In the future I would prefer not to use a site like poli unless more information is provided because it makes me feel very scared that it could be a scam.
24/11/2012 That was a great experience. It did everything for me! loved it!!
24/11/2012 I love this new payment method with direct POLI... well done.
28/11/2012 That was an easy experience - very user friendly for a first-time user
29/11/2012 worried that someone may get into my account but it is the first time ever used POLi I think but so far good and easy 
30/11/2012 Loved using Poli on my ipad
1/12/2012 I think this system is brilliant.
1/12/2012 Awesome! What an easy stressless transaction. Thanks:) 
2/12/2012 great little service, easy as and appreciate avoiding payment fees cheers xo 
3/12/2012 First time I have used this POL1 payment method and it is great. I wish this could be rolled out everywhere.
3/12/2012 A service that SCRIPTS me through my internet banking log in? How confident can I be that you are not capturing my login details?

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