Find out how POLi helps New Zealand's largest online tech retailer.

Who are PB Tech?

Over the past 28 years, PB Tech has built a formidable reputation for delivering to the New Zealand market the technology it needs when it needs it. Low prices, an unmatched selection of products in-stock and ready to ship, and excellent customer service are fundamental PB Tech’s leading position in the technology market.

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How does POLi help?

Demand for technology reached unprecedented levels on PB Tech’s online platform as stores and businesses were forced to close in response to the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Darren Smith, Executive Director of PB Tech, knew that he could completely rely on POLi to manage the high demand for customers preferring a debit payment option.

"Sales were massive during lockdown, as were POLi payments. A significant number of sales were to new business customers who readily embraced POLi for the first time. They found it quick, convenient and cost-free to their business."
Darren Smith, Executive Director, PB Technologies Ltd

By engaging POLi as their debit payment option, inefficiencies in back office processing and delays for customers instantly became a thing of the past for PB Tech. Payments could now be automatically populated with their own unique identifiers and orders dispatched without delay. In the past the customer could expect a wait of two to seven days to receive their purchase.

“POLi expands your opportunity to sell. Customers will shop elsewhere if you don’t offer their preferred payment method.”

Currently, approximately 50% of PB Tech’s customers pay via direct payments, with the majority of these being POLi. Darren says that he often tells other business owners that they cannot afford not to use POLi.

PB Tech’s confidence and trust in POLi was justified as their online sales soared in response to lockdown. POLi is a convenient and reliable debit payment system for PB Tech and their customers.


How Does POLi Work?

POLi lets your customers pay online in real time using their Internet Banking. They don’t need a credit-card, and they don’t need to register. 

When they pay you with POLi, the payment is transferred directly into your bank account.

1. Checkout of shopping cart

Select the POLi payment option when you checkout

2. Pay with internet banking

Log into your bank account using POLi. The payment is protected by your bank's authentication and security

3. Complete Order

POLi automates the payment process and notifies the seller that the payment has been made

POLi fully automated the release process of processing orders. We automatically release as paid before we see the money in our account and ship the same day. POLi is consistent and reliable, therefore we place our utmost confidence in it.

Darren Smith

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