POLi for Young Enterprise Scheme Students

Grow your new Young Enterprise Scheme business with this special offer from POLi. Make it simple for customers to pay online with POLi’s fast, streamlined payments solution.

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What is POLi?


We’ve teamed up with YES 2022 to offer our fast online payments solution to young students around the country. We’ll get you set up and accepting payments in as little as 24 hours!

POLi is a direct online payments solution. Through our secure platform, we allow customers to pay businesses directly using their regular online bank account - the system automatically inputs all dollar sum totals and reference information, helping streamline the process for both customers and you, the merchant.

In fact, you may have even seen us in use by major Kiwi brands already, like Air NZ, PB Tech, Mighty Ape and Waka Kotahi (NZTA)!

What will your new customers experience?

POLi lets your new customers pay online in real time using their internet banking. They won’t need a credit card, and they won’t need to register.
When they pay with POLi, the payment transfers directly into your bank account from theirs.
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1. Checkout of shopping cart

After adding their products to the shopping cart, customers select the POLi payment option instead of entering credit card details.

2. Pay with internet banking

They log into their online banking using POLi’s secure portal. Here they can select which account to use (i.e. checking or savings).

3. Complete Order

Funds are withdrawn from their account and POLi automatically notifies you that you’ve been paid

4. No shopping cart?

Customers can pay you directly with our ‘Pay Now with POLi’ buttons, links and forms - including straight out of their invoices.

How to implement POLi quickly

You won’t need serious web development experience to get POLi set up and running for your YES business. You may not even need a shopping cart or online store at all! We make it all easy.

POLi has partnered with a range of software providers to pre-integrate our solution into the most-loved platforms on the web. Or, for those who don’t need a full e-commerce store, you can host POLi straight on your website or add buttons and links to forms, invoices, social media, emails and direct messages.



If you’ve got a POLi account, it takes only minutes to add it to your Shopify storefront. Over 800 Kiwi brands are already using Shopify with POLi.

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Build your online store and don’t worry about how you’ll receive payments - we’ve partnered with Storbie to make integrating POLi a two-minute problem.
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Shopping Carts

We’ve also pre-integrated POLi into the world’s most popular shopping carts, including WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart.
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Buttons, Links & Forms

Skip the web development with our payment buttons, links & forms. Embed forms straight onto your web pages, or use payment buttons and links on social media, email or SMS.
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POLi for Social Commerce

Planning to sell directly to your new customers on social media?

Many of the major social media platforms let users display their range of products right there in the app, where users can learn more and make a purchase. You’re free to then tag your own products in videos and stories, offer customer service via chat, and create real word-of-mouth buzz for your awesome new business.

While some of the big social media shops enable in-app payments for users in the USA, here in New Zealand you’ll need to direct customers to your website.

That’s where POLi comes in.

With POLi’s Forms, Buttons & Links functionality, you can build embedded payment forms directly into your website that enable social media followers to pay for products using their regular online banking account.

All you need to do is set up the payment forms on your website, add the relevant fields and reference information, and include the links on your social media shop’s product pages.

When users get to your shop’s checkout, they will be prompted to visit your website to pay via the POLi link, taking them to the payment form. Easy!

Set up your shop within Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
Create the relevant POLi payment forms on your website.
Add POLi payment form links to your social media product catalogue.
Users can now pay for goods using their regular online banking account.

Our deal for YES students


If you’re taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme, sign up using the special links on this page to receive a discount on our services for the duration of the competition. 

Unlike our regular customers, you’ll pay only for the transactions you receive: 1% of the transaction value, capped at $0.50 per transaction. That means in addition to our usual lack of admin and setup fees, you also won’t have to pay any minimum monthly fees.

We want you to succeed, so we’ve made it as simple and inexpensive as possible for YES students to sign up and start using POLi. Of course, terms and conditions do apply. Learn more here.

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Good luck in this year’s competition! If you need us, we’re here for you.

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