10 Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Should Sell Online

As technology advances and New Zealand – along with the rest of the world – becomes increasingly dependent on e-services, your pharmacy could greatly benefit by embracing eCommerce.

Advantages of having an online pharmacy

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons your pharmacy should consider selling online.

1. Attract more customers

This is the first and most obvious advantage of selling online. Many customers will prefer dealing with you online for prescriptions, and every time they do there’s a potential for them to buy other items from your online store.  Just make sure you offer more than just credit card payment options (like POLi’s online debit payment option)

2. Create convenience

Customers love buying online because they find it easy and convenient.

A customer who does not have the time to come down to your brick-and-mortar pharmacy could still buy from you over the internet if you have an online store.

3. Lower your costs

By offering your customers alternative online payment options you could save money. Credit card payment options often come with hefty service and transaction fees. Alternative debit options like POLi can make it significantly more cost effective to sell online.

4. Increase privacy

By letting a person purchase their medication online through secure e-prescription services, you give them the additional benefit of keeping their privacy.

Some pharmaceutical products are embarrassing to purchase in person, and this is why many New Zealanders prefer buying from an online pharmacy.

5. Provide alerts and reminders

When you have an online pharmacy, you can give your customers additional e-benefits.

For instance, you can allow them to sign up for alerts for their medications or even send them online reminders on when they should take their medicine.

6. Reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

Of course, having a remote way for individuals to purchase their medication is ideal in a situation such as during the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Selling online can greatly reduce the risk of spreading infectious viruses and diseases.

7. Save time

For many people, it’s difficult to spare even a moment to run an extra errand.

Fortunately, with an online pharmacy, your customers can purchase their medication in a few short minutes from the comfort of their home, office or wherever they are.

8. Increase your reach

Usually, there are always potential customers who have heard about your pharmacy but cannot drive down to the store to pick it up because they live too far away or in a remote area.

Such individuals can buy their medicine from your online pharmacy and have it delivered to them.

9. Get reviews

Good reviews are also a major bonus of switching your pharmacy online.

Once you sell for a while and have many customers leaving good reviews for your store, you will begin to increase your website traffic and attract even more customers.

10. Build credibility

Buyers turn to Google and other search engines for reviews of nearly everything before making a purchase.

If they search up your pharmacy and could not find reviews left for your store or your website, they may find it difficult to trust you and might take their money elsewhere.

Investing in a good website and setting up an online store alongside your physical location can help build trust for your pharmacy.

Start selling online today

Selling online is a great option for pharmacies as it comes with a wealth of benefits such as increased reach to customers and creating convenience. That said, make sure you set up a professional website and have your contact information visible on it to establish trust.

Create your merchant account today and start selling online within 24 hours.