Upgrade your Xero e-invoices with POLi

It’s time your invoices were paid quicker!

We’ve seriously upgraded the POLi Xero add-on, in partnership with Stripe, to bring you fast, instant POLi payments within your regular e-invoices – in combination with Stripe-based credit card payments.

Hasn’t POLi had a Xero add-on for a while? What’s different?

Previously, the POLi Xero add-on enabled e-invoice users to integrate Xero with their POLi account in order to offer direct online payments at the top of their invoices. This allowed users to offer their buyers either POLi or an alternative online payment option, but not both.

We’ve been listening to your feedback on this service and working hard in the background to improve it.

Now, we’re launching the new and improved version.

The new POLi Xero add-on

With this new iteration of the POLi Xero add-on, thanks to our partnership with Stripe, you no longer have to make the choice for your customers. They can choose for themselves.

By enabling both Xero and Stripe in your Merco Merchant Services dashboard, you will be able to switch on both Stripe-based credit/debit card payments and POLi instant online banking payments at the top of your Xero invoices.

When customers hit the big Pay Now button, they will have the option to select either option – whichever suits them best.

Xero will then track your payments for you so that when you go to reconcile the books, your bank account should already match your payment history!

Not a Xero user? Here’s more information

Kiwi businesses using Xero to send invoice are able to send what’s known as an electronic invoice, or e-invoice. This is a digital invoice sent from Xero directly to customers, filled out automatically by Xero so you don’t have to type everything in, and featuring a big Pay Now button at the top.

One of the major benefits of an e-invoice is that button – customers don’t have to go anywhere else to pay their invoices, and they certainly don’t have to log on to their bank account, slowly type in all the details, double check it all, and click send. They just hit Pay Now, choose to pay with POLi or their credit/debit card, and resolve the payment right there in the invoice.

Because the invoice was sent with Xero, it then tracks all the payment information for you.