OfficeTorque iBill users can now schedule future payments with the help of POLi

iBill, OfficeTorque’s extremely successful electronic billing service, is now even better. Now, instead of having to pay invoices straight away, payees can opt to schedule the payment for a future date at the click of a button. We could all do with one less thing to remember to do later, right?

The service will even automatically preload relevant details such as the amount to be debited, future withdrawal dates, and a personalised user authorisation.

Where POLi comes in

When OfficeTorque approached us to provide them with a scheduled payment option we were delighted to assist with the project. Until recently, ePayments have been limited to the “pay now” option using our effective and popular ‘POLi Link’ service.

This enhancement to iBill takes online bill paying to a whole level. The benefits are two fold: customers receive a smoother bill paying experience (no more paper trails or diary reminders to pay invoices) and merchants get much better visibility of future Cashflow.

It really does offer a much simpler and faster payment experience for our merchants and their customers.

Who is OfficeTorque?

OfficeTorque has an extensive background in helping New Zealand and Australian companies significantly increase their options for online eBilling.  In turn, this has provided a feature-rich experience for their customers and makes day-to-day operations stress free for businesses.

What OfficeTorque CEO, Lance Wickman says:

“The One Touch billing system allows payees to immediately process their iBill when it arrives.  This means they can raise a query if they are not satisfied or arrange a future payment via Internet banking. It also removes the need for a printed paper trail and the need to manually bill a customer later in the month.  We are streamlining the process.”

Up to 90% reduction in printing and distribution costs

OfficeTorque is already reporting 60% – 95% adoption of their iBill solution (well above the standard adoption rate of 15% -20% for a static PDF document.). With POLi on board with scheduled future payments, they expect even higher levels of adoption.

There’s no doubt that companies and business owners will love that this translates into a 60% – 95% reduction in printing and distribution costs.  Those are some seriously exciting statistics!

Who will be using the service?

Crockers Property Group will be the first OfficeTorque client to go live with this service in New Zealand (the launch is imminent). Crockers Property Group is New Zealand’s only true one-stop property company providing a full range of property services to their clients; property management, property sales, body corporate management and valuations.  Crockers’ client base of over 23,000 clients often require individualised payment flexibility and this is where OfficeTorque offered the ease, convenience and security for what they were looking for.  

“We are very excited to offer our clients this innovative and safe way to arrange payments”, says Crockers’ COO, Dean Cates.

If it works for them, it could work for you.

Interested in One-Touch iBill for your business?

If you think that OfficeTorque iBill may be right for your online business call OfficeTorque +64 9 280 3260 or email them at

What do you think? Would it be convenient for your business to be able to schedule online payments at the click of a button? Leave your comments below.

Until next time,

Jeff Skidmore, Director, POLipay